Aquatic Survey Services

MAD Scientist Associates is able to meet your aquatic survey needs by conducting stream habitat, morphological, and water quality and chemistry assessments. We are also proficient in biological sampling certified through Ohio EPA as level 3 Qualified Data Collectors (QDCs) in fish, macroinvertebrates and can also conduct mussel surveys in group 1 and 3 streams. We use a variety of equipment including seine nets, electrofishing units, dipnets, Hester-Dendy samplers, SCUBA and beyond.

Habitat Assessment & Categorization

Spring Valley Greenway Stream Restoration Project

Westerville, Ohio

Steam bed evaluations including substrate assessment

Ohio EPA data forms for permit issuance and mitigation performance assessment.

  • Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (QHEI)
    • QDC Level 3
  • Headwater Habitat Evaluation Index (HHEI)

Water Quality: Chemistry & Physical Parameters

Measuring stream flow

Pre-construction water quality monitoring

General water quality parameters:

  • Oxygen, temperature, pH, conductivity, turbidity
  • Nitrogen, phosphorus (e.g., total, Orthophosphorous, dissolved reactive phosphorus), metals, total suspended solids, oil/gasoline/diesel range organics,
  • Water depth, velocity, discharge, water table, etc.
  • Data sonde and Piezometer installation and monitoring

Chemical Analyses:

  • Water and sediment and plant tissue toxicity testing
  • Permit thresholds
  • Bioassay sample collection

Biological Surveys

Mussel survey and relocation near Sandusky Bay, Ohio

Freshwater Mussels

  • Mussel reconnaissance survey
  • Mussel survey (Group 1 and 3 streams)
  • Relocation planning and implementation
  • SCUBA (open water), dry suit, and face mask certified

Water quality and biologic data collection for the ACOE Louisville District


  • QDC Level 3 index of biotic integrity (IBI)
  • Modified index of well-being (MIWB)
  • Collection methods include electrofishing (roller beast & backpack), seine, and minnow traps

Collecting macroinvertebrates using a d-frame net


  • Headwater Macroinvertebrate Field Evaluation Index (HMFEI)
  • QDC Level 3 invertebrate community index (ICI)
  • Benthic community assessment using Hester-Dendy sampler
  • Active sampling using d-frame net and siene